Sunday, 7 August 2016

Aadhar card will completely remove the Corruption

Yes... what you heard is correct. Aadhar card will will help in the decreasing of the corruption in India. The Unique Identification Authority of India is playing a great role in the eradication of the corruption. Still don't believe my words. Don't get too confused. I will explain this clearly with a simple example. Before that I need to say one thing. Many are asking me about the official website of this. For them here is the answer where you can find many details. Suppose there is a family which is very rich. They are having more than 3 gas connections with the same name. But this is not fine. So with the help of Aadhar card all the bogus gas connections can be removed.
Recent reports and calculations also said the same thing. This is also happening in many departments. At this present situation no one can not cheat the government. There are very less chances to cheat the Govt Schemes. Like this thousands of crores of rupees can be saved for the govt and will be used for other development activities which are useful to the people. This can be seen in various departments in various states. In the coming future also, many schemes may be linked up with the Aadhar Card.  So, why late go and apply for Aadhar card if you don't have yet and later Check Aadhar Status. So go and enquire for the nearest Aadhar Centres and apply and get it soon. For the further assistance you can call for the toll free numbers also. Every one please utilize the facilities provided by the Government of India. The Central Government is really working hard to make the people of the country happy. Even the opposition parties also agreed this matter in the parliament sometimes during various sessions in this year. 

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Check my Aadhar Card Application Status

Aadhar Card Application Status:

With the increase of the population in our country, the budget being allotted to the welfare of the people is also increasing. The Government is spending thousands of crores on different schemes. That amount of money in various forms should reach to each and everyone. The schemes should not go in the wrong way. To implement the Govt Schemes to the exact eligible people we have to remove the unwanted people who are not eligible for those schemes. The unwanted and not eligible should not be taken into consideration. In this matter Aadhar Card is playing a vital role in the development of the country.

This can be explained very clearly with an example. If the government has started a new scheme for the poor who are earning less than one Lakh Rupees. It is very useful to them. The others who are earning more than this limit should not come into this scheme. The people who have already applied for this should not apply again and think that there are several other conditions like these. For such type of conditions, Aadhar Card is very helpful. Because with just this card the Government will have various details about you. So, the unnecessary people who does not come under this scheme will be eliminated. In this way, the budget allotted by the Govt will be correctly utilized and it will reach to the people with out misuse.

It is also the responsibility as a citizen of the country to be honest in this matter. We should not follow bad methods to get into that schemes when you are not eligible. The government will plan many plans for all type of citizens. So please use only the plans which are qualified. To be frank after the entry of Aadhar Card the utilization of Govt funds are more perfect. If You don't have this identity card yet, please go and enquire your nearest center and also ask about the Aadhar Card Registration Form and get it soon. Later, follow the necessary guide lines which are needed to be followed and filled in the form. If you have any doubts regarding the Aadhar card matters, you can visit the official site: or where you can get all the required information. The site will be very simple and easily understandable by anyone. No one will get any confusion after seeing this site. It was designed in a such a manner. One more thing is here any one can get their Aadhar Card Status details.
At last my request is Be a honest citizen of the country and take part in the development of India. If you are honest, the growth and the progress of the country will be more faster than other countries when compared to the previous years. If you like this article, Please share this with others.